Off Campus Learning Links for June

It’s time for your monthly dose of off campus learning links.

I have a few link from Digital Photography School. The first one is on the business of photography giving you pointer on How to Become a Professional Photographer. The next tutorial is on Post processing. It’s a nifty trick that I didn’t even know about. 🙂 Heck! There’s a lot I don,t know about in Photoshop! It’s all about finding a pure 50% grey pixel to color correct your image. Check it out!

Over at Six Revisions, they put together a great list of the top 30 Photoshop Lighting effects tutorials. Pretty cool stuff.

Just got Lightroom? Or had it for a while but you were so eager to play with it that you never even bothered to look at the software’s preferences? You know who you are! 😉 Check out this tutorial by The Lightroom Lab on setting up your preferences.

And last but not least, a lighting tutorial from Lighting Essentials using just 1 speedlight and the sun to create the famous Flashdance water shot. Nice!

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  1. Ya.. i asked my GF if she wants to do one of that water shots… and her reply is.. “in your dream! I am not gonna let u pour water on me like that!”!

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