Off Campus Learning Links for May

It’s that time of the month again. 🙂

Time to give you lots more learning links off the YPS campus.

I decided to start off with 4 links that aren’t necessarily new (except David’s) but all focus on the same subject; portrait photography. It’s always good to go back to some basics once in a while.

Here on YPS: 15 Steps to Perfect Family Portraits
2 from DPS: 13 Tips to Improving Outdoor Portraits and 10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits.
On the same subject, David Ziser shows us how he takes some wedding portraits with a hand held LED flashlight!

Udi at DIYPhotography has a great guest post by Matt Haines on making your own V-cards. What’s a V-card? Have a look!

Over at Black Star Rising, there a great post citing 8 tips of aspiring photographers. Love it!

I’ll finish off with 3 tutorials on Lightroom 2. Two from LightroomKillerTips and one from DP Connection.

Matt shows us a video of a neet little adjustment brush tip that’s very useful.
Mat describes before and after Lightrrom 2 post processing of 2 images. Very cool indeed. I might have to start that too. 🙂
Michael Rather at DPConnection shows us how to batch crop images in Lightroom.

And I’ll leave you with 3 videos. One from Chase Jarvis and 2 cool stop motion clips. Why stop motion? It’s a recent interest and I hope to produce some with my D300 very soon.

[youtube S-gPG9R8bAU]
[youtube 2_HXUhShhmY]
[youtube AJzU3NjDikY]

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