Off to Cancun!

February and March are gonna be busy, busy, busy!

I’m leaving tomorrow for Cancun on a 5 day photo shoot for a new book. I have to say that I’m ecstatic that my client chose somewhere warm with palm trees and blue water, not to mention the 5 star resort! It’s that time of year where I start going all “bah, hum bug” about winter. I was never a big fan of winter; the cold, shoveling snow, -30 degrees, car that won’t start, climbing on my roof to get the snow off my Internet satellite, did I mention the cold? So this is a great gift. I really love my job!

After that? Another book shoot in Albany, NY and a video shoot in beautiful Jamaica; both in March. This means lots of fun and close to 1000 images to post process in a very short amount of time. I’ll be a busy bee. Buzz, buzz.

I’ll try to keep up my 2 posts a week here on YPS during February and March but I ask you to be understanding if I skip a few. 🙂 I do promise to do a few video tutorials from both Cancun and Jamaica though. I already have one planned on how to fill out a customs form for shipping your gear on location. It seems that Mexican customs pulled a fast one on me I didn’t fill mine correctly and I ended up paying $184 in taxes (which I’ll try to get back if I have the time). I’ll also show you all the photo equipment  I brought with me to get the job done.

All right guys, time to double check my papers and my gear. I’m not leavng you empty heanded though. Over at Photoshop Insider, pro photographer Dustin Snipes goes through a detailed post processing workflow that’s a must if you’re a Dave Hill fan! I learned a lot from that post and I hope you will too!

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  1. Hi Yanik

    I hope you’re having a good time under the sun.

  2. Have a great trip and try to blog!
    Thanks for the great Dustin pp link

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