Photoshop Curves Tutorial – Video

OK, let’s start the year off by going back to some basics. I use the term “basics” loosely because I’ll be showing you more than curves basics. 🙂 I titled this “Photoshop Curves Tutorial” but I’ll also include some neat curves features in Lightroom 2. So you’re getting 2 for the price of one here.

In Part 1 of this video tutorial, I’ll go through the standard RGB curves adjustments in both Photoshop and Lightroom and in Part 2, I’ll show you how to adjust your image using the specific red, green, blue channels. So let’s get to it!

Photoshop Curves Tutorial Part 1
[vimeo 2792791] [youtube tN6FrGxV8TA]



Here are some great books from the YPS bookshelf.


Photoshop Curves Tutorial Part 2
[vimeo 2792892] [youtube fMgeKK7PUGo]

15 responses on "Photoshop Curves Tutorial - Video"

  1. Cool, Thanks a lot. Very nice

  2. Wow, this really helped me! Thanks!

  3. hi
    i am your big fan.
    please do a multiplicity photo tutorial on photoshop.

  4. Hi Yanik

    Just discovered your site, not only are you a great teacher but also so good looking. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. M

  5. Beautiful tutorials!
    You are right… fundamentals are impt and I’m grateful you took the time to do all these! =)

  6. Wow, this is just what I need…more curves! I shy away from it and I really want to learn it
    Nice tut

  7. Nice tutorials Yanik, as Teri already said: “your tutorial makes it all make sense.” [2].
    The opposite colours make really sense, and I never understood why the opposite of Red is Cyan…
    Watching your tutorial make me think about CMYK x RGB… and this makes true sense… thanks, again…

  8. @ Guilian

    I don’t think LR gives you that option.

  9. Very useful and very helpful! Thank you Yanik for sharing your knowledge!
    Q:Do you know if there is such an easy way to change the curves within specific color channels in LR?

  10. Nice LR tip Eric! There’s so much stuff to learn, indeed! 🙂

  11. Nice tutorials once again Yanik. I especially liked the 2nd one since I’m usually only using Curves like you did in the first one… So many things to learn… hehe

    Quick tip in Lightroom: Instead of entering 0 as a value to reset your Lights or Darks, you can just double click on the name of the setting (i.e. Lights for example) and reset the balue to the default one.

  12. @ Jamie

    And I thought my voice was back to normal. Darn! At least I didn’t cough. 😉

  13. Excellent! To be honest I’ve always been a little ignorant of curves, instead going for simple adjustments like contrast and levels. But now I know how easy it is! Thanks Yanik!

    And do I hear a January cold? 😛

  14. Thank you for your site. It is priceless. I have Photoshop books, CS3 Bible, etc. but your tutorial makes it all make sense. You are really special to teach the world these methods at no cost. Thanks again. I live in Costa Rica where there are no classes or even books so I look forward to your viewing your instructional videos. The books I have were brought to me. Teri

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