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[singlepic=257,90,90,web20,left]You may or may not want to add a watermark on your images when posting them on the Web in public forums or Websites. You have to ask yourself why go through the trouble? For me, the question isn’t even necessary. Since I sell most of the images I post in public arenas, by respect for my clients buying my images, I add a watermark to reduce the risk of theft long term borrowing. I’ve been asked by many Yanik’s Photo School readers how I add a transparent watermark on my images using Photoshop™. You’ll see that it’s relatively easy.

You can do it with either text or an image.


[vimeo 1595864]
I’ve added a Youtube version since some readers had mentioned not being able to see the Vimeo movie.

[youtube rw4lY8EbFCI]
PS: If you want to look for your images online, there a great new tool available called TinEye. TinEyey is like the Google of image search. It still has a relatively small database of online image but it’s growing more and more! Youca can check out my video tutorial on HERE.

11 responses on "Photoshop Video Tutorial - Adding a Watermark"

  1. I don’t see an answer about adding a watermark to numerous photos – can it be saved and applied to other photos?

  2. thank you so much for this lesson on watermarks. I have noticed some of my photos off of facebook has ended up on other pages now I can watermark them so maybe that will stop people taking my photos.

  3. vipi yanik
    just tried out the watermark thing and it worked perfectly my issue is how to watermark many photos all at once, say 100+.Am using CS5

  4. If you want to add the copyright symbol in your text, rather than as a shape, then do the following:

    select your text tool
    then holding down the RIGHT alt key on your keyboard, type in on the NUMERIC KEYPAD (the rectangular keypad on the right side of your keyboard, NOT the numbers above the letters on the “regular” portion of your keyboard) “0169” (sans quotes)
    then release the alt key
    This puts the copyright symbol in line with your text and it will resize along with your text if you change the text size.
    You can still add the stroke, as Yanik explained above, but now it will stroke the copyright symbol AND the text all at the same time.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Yanik,

    Great tutorial! Is there a way to mass update a large number of images with a watermark, or copy the watermark and paste to other images? Or is the only option to edit each image individually through this process? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for that Dano! I rarely use custom shapes so I wasn’t familiar with the top menu and the effects of the various options. I love learning new things! 🙂

  7. Paul,

    you should look at the options bar at the top and make sure that the square with the four anchor points at the corners are selected.

    If you have any of the other two selected it will just add it to the existing layer.

    The one with the pen tool will only add the path and the one with the square only will just add the shape to the existing layer.


    thanks for your version of copyrighting our images

  8. Thx Ann! Keep on DIGGn’ 😉

  9. Paul:

    That’s very strange indeed. It should add it as a separate layer automatically. Dunno what to tell you. I’m stumped. I just tried it again with various shapes and they were all created on a separate layer.

  10. Thank you Yanik another excellent Video.

    When I select the Copyrifgt symbol it add it to the image and not as a new layer???

  11. I DUGG it! Until your tutorial, I didn’t realize there was a copyright symbol in PS Shapes – yikes! – makes things much easier. Like the logo idea and instructions, too. Thanks so much.

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