Photoshop Video Tutorial – Changing Eye Color

[singlepic=257,90,90,web20,left]For the “regulars” here, you’re probably wondering why my video tutorial wasn,t posted on Monday as usual. Well, I was driving back from a week long photo shoot up in beautiful Gaspésie! I hope you didn’t panic too much!  😉

Welcome to this Photoshop™ video tutorial on changing eye color. I got this request from viewers after seeing part 1 of my Portrait Makeover Series. There are many ways of changing eye color but this is one I like to use since it’s quick and easy. If you have other ways of doing this, please share them in the comments.


[vimeo 1496841]

13 responses on "Photoshop Video Tutorial - Changing Eye Color"

  1. I like this tutorial, I have wanted to do this for a while, I didn’t like the look of the bright rings inside her eyes at the end.

    Is there anyway to fix that?

  2. What a great service you are providing. I am a beginner and loving it. I have used your eye colour change with no problems on colour pics. I changed a colour pic to B & W but I cant change the eyes colour. I have followed your video many times with fail until now.

    Thanks Yanik I love it

  3. @ anonymous

    I’m not sure I follow you. Check the video again. Don’t forget to change your brush’s blending mode to Color.

  4. What did you do after you colored the eye green…before you clicked color and added the real effect…??

  5. Wow- I learned a few new things from this tutorial- the quick mask feature, Ctrl-H, and the color-mode trick. (and I’ve been using photoshop preofessionally for over a year! Just goes to show there is always so much more to learn.) Thanks Yanik!! Great!

  6. Anonymous

    Please feel free to share how you would do it. I’m sure everyone here, me included, would love to know. 🙂

  7. nice job..thanks for sharing….now its all easy to do photoshop.

  8. I do something similar, tho I wouldn’t do everything like you did in this tutorial. Quite simple example tho. Cheers.

  9. yes the quickest but not the best

  10. Very useful.I’ll use often.

  11. Hey that’s awesome cheers man 😉
    But i tried to make my eyes black using that technique and it didn’t work:(
    Any ideas?

  12. I use a similar technique when I want a Realistic eye color change, but I skip the mask selection stage.

    I go straight from adding a layer to brushing in color mode, at a little less than 100%, with selected new color.

    Plus, I add a SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT HUE of the new color in areas, when eye is big and detailed enough to warrant it. Then, like you, I adjust opacity. smiles – Ann

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