Photoshop Video Tutorial – Creating Mood with Gaussian Blur

It’s time for another Photoshop video tutorial “quicky”. 🙂

In this simple but effective photography tutorial, I’ll show you how to increase the power of the emotions conveyed in your images by adding a simple filter already in Photoshop. Of course, this technique works best to accentuate emotions of love, romance and friendship. We’re actually giving our images a warm, fuzzy feeling… fuzzy being the key word here since the filter literally adds “fuzziness” to your photo. 🙂

The filter is called Gaussian Blur and I’ll show you one way of effectively applying it while keeping sharpness and detail to your photos. So let’s get right to it!

And if you’d like to know how I processed the image in this Photoshop tutorial into black and white, you can view my tutorial here.

[vimeo 2392000]
[youtube OJQVfov505I]

3 responses on "Photoshop Video Tutorial - Creating Mood with Gaussian Blur"

  1. Say, you got a nice blog.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

  2. Cool! I just tried it with a median filter:

    Also a nice effect.. Thanks Yanik!

  3. Great tutorial. Simple but effective.

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