Redken Photo Shoot

Just a little personal post for you guys until I get my jet lag outta my system. 🙂

Not too long ago, I had a video contract to shoot the behind the scenes of the 2009 Redken Color Comp here in Montreal. This was my second year shooting video for this competition. I was shooting with a Canon HDV-XHA1 and this year the camera gave me an additional challenge… it had a back focus problem!

How did I work around this issue? Trying to shoot on manual focus most of the time… and when you NEVER shoot manual focus, it’s quite a challenge. I managed to pull it off but boy oh boy… never again please. 🙂

What I learned from all this? You need to adapt quickly  to any situation.

My good friend Martin Perreault was one of the photographers for the 2009 Redken Color Comp and he’s the one that did the video montage. Enjoy!

More tutorials coming soon!

[vimeo 6805068]

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