Saving Serabie 2 Years Later

As most of you know, I produced the award-winning documentary SAVING SERABIE. I went back to Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa not long ago to see how Serabie was doing 2 years after saving her from certain death at a canned lion hunting farm. I made this follow up video for all you Saving Serabie supporters and animal lovers. Alexandra and I have been getting lots of questions from you on how Serabie was doing. Watch this video and all your questions will be answered! smile emoticon

A big THANK YOU to Savannah Heuser and Minunette Cohen Heuser for their great love of big cats and wanting a better life for them.

If you would like to support Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, you can donate to help Serabie get quality health care, food, toys and much more!

South African bank account:
Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Vaalwater
Code: 258-6298
Type: Cheque account
Account: 62564069980

December 18, 2015

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