Shooting Tethered in Lightroom 3 – Video Tutorial

As you guys know, I’m a big fan of Lightroom. And with Lightroom 3 out, I’ve discovered many cool tweaks and upgrades like super fast importing and disk deletion as well as image preview generation. They seem like little things but it just keeps time on your side just a bit more.

On top of that, the guys over at Adobe added a great new feature in Lightroom 3 that I just love! Tethering. No more need for third party software to shoot tethered. Woohoo! Just plug your camera in your computer via the USB cable and you,re off! It’s really that simple. Watch the video and you’ll see how Adobe just made my life that much easier.

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4 responses on "Shooting Tethered in Lightroom 3 - Video Tutorial"

  1. a nice and simple to understand tutorial. thanks

  2. Love this! Been tethering my Canon with this new software and can’t get the big shutter button to take the picture. I just use my remote cord. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong? Oh well!

    Love to see a mini class on that water/glass drip setup in the example image. Water is always fun
    Thx Yanik!

  3. Again a very interesting contribution from you, thank you!

  4. The only thing they left out was the ability to change the camera settings from your laptop. So Nikon Capture still gets my vote.

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