The YPS App Will Soon Hit the App Store and the Android Market!

I’ve been having fun working on this little secret project for you guys and it’s almost live!

Many of you have emailed me asking if Yanik’s Photo School would ever be available as an app and, even though the blog is mobile friendly on the iPhone, it’s not the same as having a native app. Sooooo… As of today, I submitted my app to both Android and Apple stores and I’ll release both at the same time and have a big party! 🙂

The app will feature all the tutorials found on YPS and as I add more tutorials, the app will be updated as well. I’ll even be alble to send you push notifications when new tutorials are available. How cool is that!

It took me a little over a month to get it right and I’m pretty happy with the results. For just $0.99 you’ll have access to the whole YPS Classroom right on your phone or tablet (yes, it’s a universal app!).

Have a look at a few screen shots and I’ll keep you posted on the release date! Thanks again for your loyal support!

March 10, 2015

2 responses on "The YPS App Will Soon Hit the App Store and the Android Market!"

  1. Congratulations for your great app.When and where can i make the download to my Samsung g.note? I’m ansious for that.

  2. The App looks great from the previews, look forward to getting my hands on it upon release date.

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