The YPS Premium Vintage Lightroom Presets Collection

The YPS Premium Vintage Lightroom Presets Collection is out! 🙂

As you know, it was your highest request that I create high quality Lightroom presets and when you guys ask, I listen!

I just launched the first of many Premium Lightroom Presets Collections. I decided to start with a bang and go for something in very high demand all over the Net: Vintage Lightroom Presets. If you like Instagram like effects or you’re nostalgic for the 60s and 70s then this collection is perfect for you!

I’ve been creating these presets for over a year now and in the last few weeks I’ve been perfecting them to get them just right for you. Each of the 20 Lightroom Presets in the Vintage collection was tested on at least 10 photos, both RAW and JPG to ensure a high quality feel to your images.

One of my pet peeves with most current Lightroom preset packs sold online is that I don,t know which preset works well on portraits, or on landscape photos. So I’m stuck wasting time going through all of them randomly sometimes not finding what I need. This is why when I created the Vintage Lightroom Presets collection, I took the presets better suited for various photo styles and grouped them in to 3 categories (Portrait, Landscape and Urban) to speed up your workflow and reduce your frustration.

So, what do you get in the YPS Premium Vintage Lightroom Presets Collection?
– 20 quality Vintage Presets
– Step by step installation instructions
– Divided into 3 categories for faster workflow (Portrait, Landscape and Urban)
– 25% discount directly at check out by simply sharing it! How cool is that! 🙂

So what’s next? I’m currently working on 3 new collections for you: Movie Looks, Light Leaks and Insta Film.  My favorite one to create at the moment is Light Leaks! I’m having so much fun creating these amazing light leak for you. And what’s great about them is that you’ll be able to layer them on top of all the Vintage Presets to create unique and wonderful effects! Stay tuned!


Here are a few samples:

[twentytwenty] original1 vintage-courgette


[twentytwenty] original2 vintage-lightleak2


[twentytwenty] original6 vintage-faded-window
July 22, 2015

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