We Moved! :)

It’s now official. Yanik’s Photo School is now fully operational on it’s new host. The transfer went smoothly and I would like to thank my good friend and fellow photographer/webmaster/internet Gawd, Martin, for helping me iron out some last minute glitches.

I would also like to thank the gang at HostPapa (my new host) for answering all my questions with patience and a smile. One of the main reasons why I chose HostPapa, a part from great reviews, is the fact that they are powered by 100% certified green renewable energy sources. As I’m trying hard to do my part for the environment, this was important for me.

You’ll also notice our new URL! YanikPhotoSchool.com. It was just crying for its own identity! 🙂

A special thank you to you, my readers. If you experienced some downtime I hope it was minimal. 🙂 A brand new video tutorial will be online on Monday!

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