Welcome to the Brand New YPS!

The new Yanik’s Photo School is now live! Woohoo! After several months of tweaking and beta testing it’s alive!

I want to start out by saying a huge thank you to all YPS readers out there. Your loyal presence and comments keeps me motivated to push YPS to new levels. Like work endless hours on the new facelift. 🙂

As you can see, this is more than just a new facelift. So, let me be your guide and walk you through the new site. Walk this way please….

The main page:

– The first thing you’ll notice is that YPS now has 2 sidebars. Why? Well, I wanted to make sure that you had quick access to learning material so the top of the first sidebar features the top YPS posts for easy one-click access.  I also wanted to ensure that new visitors could quickly see the subscription options like RSS and email updates so that made it to the top of the second sidebar.  To put it simply, the first sidebar is all about learning and the second one is a bit of everything else.

– I moved the top menu down bellow the header image. A few people commented that they didn’t even notice the top menu and those pages are important so by moving them closer to the content, you’ll be more inclined to visit them and get a better idea of what YPS is all about.

New pages:

The Classroom! I’m very excited about this new feature. Before, the “classroom” page was basically just a link to the tutorials category. Now it’s a brand new page that lists ALL the tutorials by category. No more page turning and wasted minutes of mouse scrolling! It’s your one-stop learning experience all on one page.

YPS Store. Ok, I admit it. I was lazy when I did my first store. I basically just put a bunch of links to my affiliates. Not good, I know. But I’ve now redeemed myself. Many of you have been asking me for a “real” store with direct links to products related to photography. Done! Of course, it starts with learning material and then is followed by the stuff we just love… the toys! 🙂 These are direct links to top quality books and equipment from world-renowned Amazon.com and B&H Photo.

Advertise. As you’ve already noticed on the old site, I had some Adsense and Amazon book links to pay for part of my bandwidth and server fees. I’m now adding 4 advertising banner placements. 3 in the second sidebar and 1 on the post footer. I’m trying to keep YPS as “clean” as possible so I’m really limiting sidebar ads to 3 and not 6 or 8 like many other blogs. As promised in my “Happy Holidays” post, I’ll be using part of the revenue to give away online photography learning scholarships. More details to come! 🙂

You’ll also notice (I started doing it this week) that I suggest specific photo learning books within related tutorials. This was a request by many of you so… ask and you shall receive. Like any self respecting school, it’s my duty as a teacher to guide you to quality learning material and that’s what you’ll see in the blue box.

I’ve also added ReCaptcha, an anti-spam for comments. I’ve been getting so many spam comments that I just had to do something about it. If you’re used to commenting, then you’re also used to this so thanks for understanding.

Oh, and one last thing. Since I’ve installed the translation plugin, I’ve gotten tons of new visitors and many comments in various languages like arabic and japonese. Some of you have even commented that my blog is poorly written in French or Italian (to name a few). Please note that my blog is written in English and all other languages are Google translations from the plugin. I do speak French, English and Italian with some basic German but nothing beyond that. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the new YPS!

Happy learning,


7 responses on "Welcome to the Brand New YPS!"

  1. @ Debbi
    Thanks! I’m a big Kiva fan! 🙂

    @ Jon
    Woops! 😉 Fixed! Thanks for that.

  2. Looks good, but you misspelled your own name in the first sentence!

  3. 1st off I love Kiva and have been leading for 2 years KUDOS to you for that!!!!
    Love your new format!

  4. Thanks guys! It’s always nerve-racking when you change something. You never know how people will react. I’m realllllllllllllllly happy to see you guys like it and especially the CLASSROOM. It’s my favorite part too! 🙂

  5. Yanik;

    You’re a credit to the photographic profession. I love the layout of your site and enjoy your tutorials (even though you do Nikon!) I think the Classroom is very rich and well organized. I’ll certainly be showcasing your site to my schools. Keep up the good work!

    Michael Scott

  6. I really like the new layout. You did a great job! Keep up the good work 🙂
    Ciao from Italy 🙂

  7. It was really good of you to move the top menu bar to below the image header…it made the world of a difference!

    YPS has made some wonderful changes so far, especially with the new ‘The Classroom’ layout….I love it!

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